Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Knowledge and Protection to Avoid Financial Abuse


iStock_000019807895MediumWe are happy to announce that Kelli Jean Morris, JD, LLM has joined the Council on Aging as the Director of the Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST). The purpose of FAST  is to develop, strengthen, and conduct programs for the prevention, detection, assessment and treatment of elder abuse. Financial Elder Abuse is one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes against older adults and one of the most under reported.  FAST involves representatives from agencies and organizations across Orange County who collaborate to protect and educate our older adult population. The FAST is committed to working as a team to reduce and prevent physical and fiduciary abuse against the elderly. Our goal, in conjunction with the Adult Protective Services Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), is to promote community awareness, early recognition, prevention and timely, effective intervention. Do You Suspect Financial Abuse?

Contact Adult Protective Services if you suspect you or someone you know is             being financial abused: 1-800-451-5155

Contact the Long-Term Care Ombudsmen if the person being abused resides in        facility: 714-479-0232

Alert your local police department- the police may intervene if there is good              evidence that a crime is being committed.

Notify bank personnel and other financial agencies or creditors


For more information on the FAST program or for educational seminars, contact Kelli Jean Morris, JD, LLM at 714-479-0107 ext. 226