Thursday, 19 December 2013

COA Volunteer Donna Rosenzweig – Being a Gift to Seniors

Spotlight on Donna Rosenzweig, HICAP Counselor and Annual Enrollment/Logistics Team member

Mom and Donna

HICAP Counselor Donna Rosenzweig. Her mother is a big fan of the NY Yankees.

The Medicare Annual Election Period (Oct. 15th to Dec. 7th) is the HICAP Program’s busiest time of year. Counselors are assigned, not only to their community counseling sites, but also are rotated into the HICAP call center. HICAP volunteers join ‘enrollment teams’ during the Annual Enrollment Period. HICAP Counselors help people compare their current MA/PD or stand-alone Part D plans with what is available in 2014. This is critically important for Medicare beneficiaries to evaluate and compare health plan for cost and coverage.

Now that the Medicare Annual Election Period is over and the Annual Enrollment clinics have passed, we have a little time to think back on what HICAP Counselors accomplished together at the enrollment clinics.

I recently spoke to HICAP Counselor Donna Rosenzweig who attended many enrollment clinics. Donna recently became registered as a counselor but was not deterred by being new to the enrollment clinic process. I asked her if she had any memorable moments from the enrollment clinics. She said that there were a number of fun experiences. “At the Chinese bi-lingual Santa Ana Senior Center enrollment clinic , the people were so grateful that I was there that they kept shaking my hand and offering me food!  At the Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana, people thought I spoke Spanish – I don’t. They treated me so nice anyway.”

Before she retired, Donna was a Claims Manager with a Compensation Insurance Fund. She loves numbers. Even with her financial background, she had to admit that she knew nothing about Medicare. She firmly believes that the HICAP training is a real gift to offer seniors who simply do not know or are not aware of their Medicare options.

Donna’s parents married in 1942. Her father fought in Battle of the Bulge and in the Philippines during WWII. “Everyone in that generation sacrificed and suffered as part of life. Nothing was given to them. They deserve some respect and help now.” Donna’s mother now lives alone, as so many seniors do, and she knows that she could not even begin to help her mom if it were not for COA and the information she learned as a counselor.

I asked Donna if she plans to be a HICAP Counselor next year. She replied, “Absolutely. I’m not going anywhere. The backbone and success of the HICAP Program is achieved through the dedicated registered HICAP Counselors.”

If you would like to join Donna and be the backbone of our HICAP Program, the next counselor training is scheduled for Feb. 2014. Please contact Mary Ozurovich, HICAP Coordinator of Volunteers at 714-560-0424 ext. 225 for more information.

Mary Ozurovich
HICAP Coordinator of Volunteers