Tuesday, 28 May 2013

COA Volunteer Bob Hancock – Giving Back

Today, I’d like to highlight one of our HICAP Counselors, Bob Hancock.  Bob has been so helpful in developing our HICAP web site; updating the Reference Book (that we so desperately needed updated); site counseling at Laguna Woods and Mission Viejo Social Security office and coming into the call center (in fact, he is coming in today – this afternoon) – to help answer telephone calls of worried seniors.  Also during the Annual Enrollment, he was very involved and part of many teams.

Bob Hancock

Recently, I asked Bob to tell me a little of his story. He sent me a great ‘bio’ and gave me permission to share (with some arm twisting)!

Bob graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in 1964, in Electronic Engineering.  He worked for the State of California and Collins Radio as an engineer over the next 4 years.  He worked on projects throughout California, Tennessee, and British Columbia.  He went to Oregon State to earn a Master’s degree in 1968.  Next year he started teaching Electronics Technology at Orange Coast College.  He continued teaching electronics, engineering and math courses over the next 34 years.  Retirement came in 2003, although he still taught part-time until 2010.

He and Kathleen were married in 1969; they have 2 children – a son in Torrance, and a daughter in Philadelphia.  No grandchildren.

After retiring, he worked as a Tax Preparer for Jackson-Hewitt, and as a volunteer for AARP tax preparation.  Meanwhile, his mother was having trouble keeping up with her medical needs.  In 2003, he had to step-in and learn about Kaiser, Medicare, and eventually the doughnut hole.  In 2007 he called HICAP for a couple of questions about Medicare. Getting some good answers, he asked about volunteering for HICAP and was told to call Mary O.  He became a registered HICAP counselor in February 2008.

He finds the atmosphere at HICAP very positive and very different than past volunteer experiences.  He likes working with volunteers and staff who know how to solve difficult problems for the clients who are often overwhelmed by the whole medical system.  For 2 years, he was constantly asking questions of people who knew the answers.  He knows he was probably a ‘pest’, but the effort paid off.  He’s now comfortable answering most client questions and helping new counselors find their way.

I thank, Bob, for all his help!  He is really very special and I am grateful to be able to work with some of the best people in the world—HICAP Counselors!

If you’re interested in joining Bob and the rest of our wonderful HICAP volunteers, contact us at 714.560.0424 ext 225!

Mary Ozurovich

HICAP Coordinator of Volunteers